Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TOPSHOP Gingham Boobtube

Price : RM20
Size : UK10
Condition : Excellent, Never worn
Notes : This boobtube can be worn in a variety of ways - 
as a halterneck,with a bow, and many other ways. It's like having a few different tops in one!
Bought in Topshop UK, but the label has been removed to prevent store returns.

ATMOSPHERE Vintage Dress

Price : RM40
Size : UK8
Condition : Excellent, BNWT
Notes : It's a fluffy dress that goes down to your knees, 
excellent to be worn in our weather :)

FOREVER 21 Green Top

Price : RM15
Size : M
Condition : Excellent
Notes : The sleeves are split and there are strings 
that can be tied into a knot. 
Bought it from eBay, never used as it doesn't fit me well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


PRICE : RM80 (Retail was RM105)
SIZE : 6
CONDITION : Perfect, never worn. 
Bought from Le Mombai boutique in Midvalley.

VINCCI Peep-toe Heels

PRICE: RM25 (Retail was RM59)
SIZE : 6
CONDITION : Worn only once, but because I ran 
on a road in them, they are scratched at the soles. 
But nobody will see that part.. :D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Levi's Yellow Top

Price : RM20
Size : S
Condition : Excellent, worn once.
Notes : The top is stretchable

Diesel Exchange Top

Price : RM15
Size : S
Condition : Excellent, worn once

Pink Kimono Top

Price : RM10
Size : L
Condition : A bit worn from washing.

VJ Pink Blouse *SOLD*

Price : RM20
Size : L
Condition : Excellent, worn once


Red Blouse

Price : RM10
Size : L
Condition : Never worn
Notes: Someone gave it to me, but I'm not really fond of it.

The Silmarillion, Rose And The Beast, Prince of Fools, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

J.R.R Tolien's The Silmarillion (wrapped)

Synopsis : 
The Silmarillion provides the cosmology for The Lord of the Rings.  
What appear to be mere deus ex machina devices in LOTR, are actually explained in detail in Silmarillion.  Tolkien started work on Silmarillionin 1917 but it was only finished in 1977, four years after his death, edited by his son Christopher.

Price : RM15
Condition : Excellent, Never read. A bit yellowy coz of the old age.

Francesca Lia Block's The Rose And The Beast

The tales of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rose Red have been told time and time again. 
But the latest adaptation of these lovely ladies delivers their stories with a definitive funky edge. Author Francesca Lia Block views these goddesses as magical pillars of strength and courage. Reality and the enchanted combine and result in a spectacular retelling of classic women.

Price : RM10
Condition : Good, read a few times.

Philip Caveney's Sebastian Darke, Prince of Fools

Synopsis : 
Sebastian Darke has the world on his narrow shoulders. The son of a human father and an elvish mother, he is deperately trying to become the family breadwinner and has taken on his late father's job - celebrated jester, Prince of Fools. Trouble is, Sebastian can't tell a joke to save his life. Dressed in his father's clothes and accompanied by his talking (and endlessly complaining) buffalope, Max, he sets off for the fabled city of Keladon, where he hopes to be appointed court jester to King Septimus. On the way he encounters a tiny but powerful warrior called Cornelius; the beautfiul Princess Kerin; blood-thirsty Brigands and enough perils to make him wonder why he ever decided to leave home. This book is a hilarious and swashbuckling adventure! 

Price : RM10
Condition : Excellent, Never read

Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickman's Dragons of Autumn Twilight (wrapped)

After five years, a group of friends reunites as the shadow of war hangs over the land. 
When an artifact of incredible power falls into their hands, they must flee the forces of darkness.

Price : RM10
Condition : Good, never read. A bit yellowy.

Paradise Kiss, One Piece and Harlem Beat

Can you see that it's wrapped? :D

Wrapping detail

Paradise Kiss Vol. 2
Price : RM15
Condition : Read a few times. 
It's unwrapped so the jacket's a bit worn.

Harlem Beat (wrapped) Vol. 1
Price: RM15
Condition: Very good. 
Read once. Don't worry bout the wrapping, 
it's tight coz I'm a very good book-wrapper :p

One Piece (wrapped) Vol. 1
Price : RM20
Condition : Excellent, 
with even tighter wrapping. Hehe.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Original The Godfather VCD Box Set

The Godfather 1, 2, and 3

There are 3 VCDs for each set - meaning 9 VCDs in total ;)

Price : RM150 (bought from Speedy Video at RM299.90)
Condition : Box and covers are a bit scratched
Notes : I bought this on a whim. The covers are kinda scratched coz I've been taking them in and out of the box a few times - but I have never watched the VCDs, so the CDs themselves are in perfect condition. You can give this as a gift to your macho boyfriends, or even dads! If they like The Sopranos, they are sure to love the cult classic that brought the Mafia genre to another level - The Godfather! :D

Macromedia Flash Bible

Price : RM100 (retail is RM143.80)
Condition : Perfect, never used
Notes : I bought this book at Kinokuniya on a whim, and never touched it after that. Even the CD remains sealed. A good bargain, I'd say, for those who are eager to learn Flash :) It's heavy, so email me for the postage charge.

East India Black Halter Dress

The halter straps are beaded :)

Price : RM45
Size : L - XL
Condition : Good, worn once
Notes : Bought this for my high school prom oh-so-long ago, never worn it eversince - which is a waste. So I'm letting it go dirt cheap! ;) There is a split at the back to show off your sexy calves! :D The velvety material makes it perfect for a formal dinner.

p/s: Excuse the lack of modelled pictures for this dress, none of us can fit into it -_-

VJ Top

Price : RM10
Size : L
Condition : Worn a few times. The glitters on the swirly patterns have been mostly washed off. Definitely NOT for fussy buyers :)

Denim Shirtdress

Price : RM30
Size : L
Condition : Perfect, worn once
Notes : The colour is actually dark blue, it's not clear in this picture.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Padini Authentics Cardi

You can wear a collared shirt underneath <3

Size : L
Price : RM10
Condition : Worn once

P & Co. Shirtdress

Boots not included :P

Size : L (fits an M as well)
Price : RM70 (Retail at RM120)
Condition : Perfect, Worn once

Pink Skirt With Satin Lining *SOLD*

Size : L
Price : RM25
Condition : Good, Worn once.


Somerset Bay Gypsy Skirt

Lace detail

Size: UK11
Price : RM100 (Retail was RM189.90)
Condition : 
There's a very small stain at the corner of the skirt, but it's not noticeable. Worn once.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

FEZ Dress

Size : S-M
Price : RM50
Condition : Worn once


TREATS Ruffled Turtleneck

Size: XS
Price : RM20
Condition : Good, Worn once

Somerset Bay Blouse

Size : UK7
Price : RM40
Condition : Perfect, Never worn

TREATS Black Sweater

Lace detail

Size: S
Price : RM20
Condition : Perfect, Worn Once